Dear Shopper,

As I sat down to articulate this post, I was wondering how I should go about it. The dilemma I faced was how to make this educational, informative and slightly technical also without disconnecting with you at any point in time. So what I present to you is a conscious effort to connect with you about the essence of ergonomics (Ergonomics is about designing for people, wherever they interact with products, systems or processes) and how important it is while designing or deciding upon your workplace design. Quoting Artie Macphearson, “Ergonomic is definitely a buzz word when it comes to modern office supplies and furniture, but few people actually understand what that term means.”

What are ergonomic chairs? The Collins English Dictionary defines ergonomic as: designed to minimize physical effort and discomfort, and hence maximize efficiency. But in simple terms, an ergonomic chair is what enables you to sit for long periods of time without causing any physical stress thereby not hampering work. Imagine a scenario where you’re sitting on a stool at a bar and toiling away on your laptop for a presentation that needs to be made by the next morning to a make or break client. You will do it if it’s a one off. But what if that keeps happening more than often? People today really do not value the role of ergonomic design while choosing any kind of furniture, let alone chairs. If it looks good, buy it. That seems to be the governing motto these days. Now I’m not implying that only chairs play an important part in home and office ergonomics. But I’m saying that chairs play the most important part in the overall design of an ergonomic workplace. And what I’m suggesting is that the next time you buy a chair, you should take into consideration the following:

  1. Seat height
  2. Seat width / depth
  3. Lower back (lumbar) support
  4. Back rest (width / adjustment)
  5. Seat material
  6. Armrests
  7. Swivel



I will talk about the importance of each of these elements in terms of enabling the right posture and ensuring that your valuable work time does not suffer due to issues relating to health and poor posture in subsequent posts. Till then, happy sitting.